Savage Power Tools , A company for the Chainsaw Carver who wants to advance in their carving skills.
Myself,I started carving in September of 2013,  it took off from there. I made a lot of friends in the carving world
and I wanted  better carving tools. I built hot rods for a living and with a machining background and having family that owns machine shops I knew we could build some awesome  tools for the carver and here it is the "Little Hoss & Mini Hoss & The BIG HOSS Power Gouges  a versatile tool
  for hogging out wood putting patterns and design into your work Its Endless what a Savage tool can do. Not only Carving but also Log home Building or just General Use ..........

There is a reason for why the savage gouge looks so nice.  it's a peace of art it's self ! A few say There Not worried about how it Looks well I am! No plain Jane tool that Looks like ever other tool in the Tool Box ....I put the same Heart And Soul into these Gouges as I do my "Show Cars & Bikes"  I designed the gouge To perform Flawlessly.  And the reasoning for it looking so Cool is so the owner of that gouge knows he or she Bought a Great tool. No corners were cut and no expense spared in making of these fine tools with the Best Materails known To man!  With Military Grade  Materiel  and Materiel certifications on each part  Carbide Cutters  means Quality and affordable SAVAGE POWER GOUGES.

                                                                                                   Thank you
                                                                                        Mike & Winnie Stickles
                                                                                 Owners of Savage Power Tools