Echo 310 Saw/Gouge  Package

Echo 310 Saw/Gouge Package

$999.99 $899.99

This Saw Package is the 310 Echo with the little Hoss  Gouge 4, 1/2 Carbide Cutters  316 Stainless Steel Bar,12" from front of saw to end of Cutter Wheels ....7075 Aluminum Cutter Wheels,  Stainless Steel Pulley,  Ready to Run.....

Please Carve Safe And Think First + Carve 2nd

Personalize Your Gouge  

Polished or Engraved or  both

Shipping Times Will Very on orders  1 to 4 weeks personalization,  Machining, Innovatory,  assemble, and now Dyno Time all Gouges are now run on a Dyno that test the gouge on a simulated Machine that is the same as running the  saw thru a tank of fuel so we know that our gouge is ready for Sculpting

So Arrival times will very